Semi Vac's and Tri Quad's

MAD Oilfield Solutions has a broad range of industrial vacuum units featuring a tri-axle drive truck with a quad wagon unit, a tri-axle drive tractor with a tri-axle trailer, and tandem-axle drive trucks with tri-axle trailers (Semi vac’s). These units are used for a wide variety of operations which include but are not limited to long distance fluid hauling, desanding of production tanks, slop fluid, and drilling mud hauls just to list a few. MAD has the capability of hauling large payloads both for disposal and fluid transfers on site.


                                                                            Body Jobs


MAD Oilfield Solutions also provides tri drive body vacuum units which are more suitable for your on site, day-to-day operations such as fluid transfers, spill clean ups, rig work, and work with steamers.


All units are equipped with industry leading advancements. Our equipment is user friendly, ask any of our operators. MAD's vacuum units have exceptional vacuum recovery which gives them the capability of loading all industry products. This is to provide you the customer, with the most advanced, user friendly equipment for any of your service work. “When in doubt, get MAD!”


                                                                  Sour Sealed Water Units

MAD Oilfield can also provide you with other services such as tri drive sour sealed units. Equipped with a two compartment stainless steel tank, 4 inch steel geared TNE product pump, and thought out plumbing make it the unit for all of your fluid handling needs. Whether you’re looking for a unit to transfer production water, stationary fluid transfers, or need methanol transported, we have the MAD equipment that suit your business needs.


                                                                          Steamer Units

MAD Oilfield Solutions steamer is another force that should not be underestimated. It is equipped with a 980,000 btu boiler, chemical, high pressure, and steam lines, which can also double up as dual high pressure wash for those demanding jobs. Whether you need to steam and wash equipment, buildings, well heads, or just require any steam and wash service our Mad people and equipment will make the difference.


Pressure Units

 MAD Oilfield Solutions also has pressure units. These units can be used in various applications such as boiler tests, pipeline pressure test and desanding vessels just to list a few, with pressure capability up to 5000PSI. This unit also comes with a computerized data log system to ensure MAD hits the pressure the customer wants.


Hydro Vac Units


MAD Oilfield Solutions can also provide you with hydro excavating services. Engineered and constructed by the leaders in the hydro excavation industry and equipped with the state of the art equipment, no excavating job is too big or small for this unit.


Combination Units



MAD Oilfield Solutions also has Combination units. The working equipment is mounted on a tri-axle drive chassis, allowing for large volumes of water and debris to be transported. High performance vacuuming through the boom, with the combination of high pressure wash and steam makes this unit more efficient and safe to operate. This configuration can be used for many different types of applications from a simple wash and clean, to hydro excavating underground infrastructures, pipelines, electrical cables, or whatever it is that you may be locating. This unit can get it done.




Hydro Testing


Hot Oiler





Chemical Unit



Service Truck



Super B's





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